The Nickelodeon is a hand-crank movie player in the style of turn of the century mutoscopes. I built the housing and developed the crank mechanism that sends rpm data to the software. The crank was constructed out of a bike gear, pedal shaft, and ball bearings that, when rotated, pass over a hall effect sensor. When cranked an LED flickers through a grate to give the effect of light and film passing through a projector.

Users stand in-front of the housing machine and look through a viewfinder at a hidden monitor showing a series of silent shorts from McGorgamaforg's life. The frame rate of the film is proportional to the speed at which the crank is turned. I developed story concepts and acted as production assistant during the filming process. The movie was shot both on green screen and on location.

I programmed The Nickelodeon using Arduino and Processing.

The Nickelodeon
The Nickelodeon crank
The Nickelodeon viewer

McGorgamaforg Shorts
Stories: Stephanie Foti, Script: Stephanie Foti, Joseph Stoltz
Filmed and Edited by: Joseph Stoltz
Animation: Pierce Fraser, Beth Purcille
Music: Chris Coniglio