The McGorgamatorium was a year long thesis project that explored how an interactive environment, designed as a personal space, could convey a narrative without using a traditional, temporal, storytelling structure. The result was the creation of the office of fictional inventor and explorer, Admiral Aloysious McGorgamaforg. Designed in a steampunk style, the office contained multiple interactive objects that represented the inventions and findings of McGorgamaforg. Through their exploration of the room, visitors learn the life story of our character.

Completed as a team of four students, the main components of the room included the room itself (a 12'x12' temporary space), a hand cranked movie player called, The Nickelodeon, an "illuminated" manuscript and Catalogue of Findings, called The Book, a lever controlled map wall, "steam" pipes that control power throughout the room, a spectrometer phonograph, and various specimens. I worked on construction of the room, The Nickelodeon, The Book, The Map Wall, and various specimens throughout the space.

Trailer filmed and edited by team member Joseph Stoltz