The Map Wall is the premier architectural feature in The McGorgamatorium, nested in a bay window shaped inlet. Framed images of the Admiral, his airship, and his assistant are transformed into a three layered map depicting McGorgamaforg's explorations and discoveries.

Users are presented with the portraits and a table-top that houses a lever. When the lever is pulled, a tryptic style map scrolls down, a second pull reveals the Admiral's exploration routes and lost continents, while a third pull highlights his discoveries. When map layers are active, a light globe is lit on the table-top. Subsequent pulls reverses movement of the layers until the initial images are again present.

I developed the controls, hardware, and software for The Map Wall using Arduino and Processing. The portrait of McGorgamaforg was a digital painting created in Photoshop. I also created the exploration rout and discovery overlays using Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Map Wall, inactive
The Map Wall, lever
Background map
Overlay of exploration routes and lost continents
Overlay of discoveries
Images of McGorgamaforg's discoveries