Dragonboat Regatta is an interactive musical game, designed using Pure Data, Gem, and the Adobe suite. I developed game-play and logic flow, created the illustrations on the drums, filmed and edited the trailer, and worked jointly with a teammate on the game programming. The trailer was edited using Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Dragonboat Regatta was developed as a team, branching from a concept to make a series of multicultural carnival games. Drums were cronstructed from wood, have keys that will produce different tones when struck, were hand painted, and then fit with an altered set of headphones which would act as microphones, sending sound feedback to the computer. Throughout gameplay, users participate in a call and reponse with the computer by banging on thier personal drum. Each player is represented on screen by a dragonboat that is propelled forward at a given speed determined by the player's rhythm accuracy. The player with the greatest accuracy will move faster and win the game.