I am a designer and educator whose primary interest lies in our physical interaction with objects and materials. Always interested in exploring different modes of artistic expression, my education and work experience has allowed me to work in many mediums.

At Humboldt State University, my studies in ceramics, sculpture, and museum studies, gave birth to a passion for the way people interact with each other and objects in space. A later career as a pastry chef, gave me a better understanding of composition in any medium and the ways in which we tell stories with our art. While completing my MA in Multimedia at CSU East Bay, I was able to explore the union of technology and traditional arts in the areas of interaction design, web, and graphics.

As the use of new technologies becomes ever more integrated with our everyday lives, the way we experience culture, storytelling, and learning is constantly evolving. These new mediums not only change the way in which we receive and absorb information, but also the ways we interact with one another, either across the web or when sharing physical space. My work focuses on combining traditional arts practices and materials with nascent technologies, in order to create opportunities for play and social interaction in arts and education.